Ramblings of an online hustler and perpetual traveler

Hey there wonderful human being. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Chris. Former cubicle dweller turned online hustler and perpetual traveler.

Some would call me a digital nomad, but I hate that term. I’m just a Bloody Tourist who happens to make a living using the power of the almighty interwebs.

The great side hustle

After a couple of shitty jobs I ended up in a boiler room that sold stocks to people on the phone (yes I know, bad karma). Did you see The Wolf Of Wall Street? Well it was exactly like that… Except we drove Hondas instead of Lambos… Drank beer instead of champagne… And I was not Leonardo DiCaprio… And I was in The Netherlands 🙂


But the vibe was similar. Completely sales driven and focused on how get people to do one thing: BUY. I was good at it. But I got bored. So I started to research other ways of making money.

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by computers and videogames. And although I never went to college I kept up with the tech trends. So I knew there were people making money online. From home. In their underwear. That’s when I found my first online sales letter. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one in the wild, but it looked something like this:


Ugly ass sales page from the golden days.


Ugly as hell, but I realized that these guys were doing exactly what I was doing on the phone. Except they were doing it online. Probably from home. In their underwear.

That same day I started to absorb everything I could find about this magical concept of selling stuff online. Of course I had to brush up on my computer skills, but pretty soon I was in business.

After a year of selling stuff over the phone in my cubicle during the day and dicking around on the internet during the night, I finally quit my job and went full time.

Found a new challenge in trading

A couple of the information products I created became a success and I was also running affiliate campaigns to promote other offers in exchange for a commission.

At this point I was only spending a couple of hours a week on my online hustle. So I had enough time to look for a new challenge. I found this challenge in trading. Because of my time in the boiler room I had basic knowledge of how the market works so I started studying.


And just like with the online marketing stuff I got obsessed again. I read every trading book I could get my hands on and must have read a million articles and forum posts.

I built up my confidence and started trading. First on the Forex market and later crypto as well. I lost some of my hard earned money at first, but I could feel I was making progress. Finally after a lot of mistakes I found a strategy that still works for me today.

Check out my epic guide: How to make money trading

Sold my shit to travel indefinitely

I was doing great moneywise but something was missing. Life can get pretty unfulfilling and boring when you sit in front of a screen to make some money and then sit in front of another screen to play video games everyday.

Something had to change.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling and usually took off one month a year to go backpacking. And on one of these travels I met a guy in Cambodia who owned a bar. We started drinking and talking and at some point he said: ‘Chris, what are you still doing in Holland? I mean you can work anywhere in the world, you obviously love travelling, so why do you stay in one place?’

I didn’t have an answer. So I started researching my options. Read up on minimalism, one-bagging and travelling indefinitely. To say I got excited about the idea would be an understatement.

The decision was made. I sold (almost) all of my stuff, including my house. Bought a carry on size backpack and took off.

Since then I’ve been traveling funded by the online hustle and trading the markets. Everything I need is in my bag and I’m having the time of my life.

Let the blogging commence

Of course I’m not a special snowflake. There’s lots of people doing this. I meet them all the time and quite a number of them are blogging about their lives on the road.

But what I’ve found is that a lot of these bloggers focus on those ‘Top 10 travel tips’ articles and how to travel as cheap as possible. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but I feel there’s room for someone who actually shows how he’s make a real living by dicking around on the web. Instead of showing how you can live off $10 a day in Thailand.

Anyway, that’s my justification of starting this thing. And also because I got bored again.

If you’re still reading this you’re awesome and would love to hear from you in the comments or see you hit those share buttons.

Stay weird.